Horizontal and vertical cuts
Foam raw slabs are cut vertically and horizontally using band knife machines. In this way, razor-sharp band knives cut the material to the desired size. Another processing technique is to cut multiple short slabs horizontally into plates of varying widths (from 2 mm), on so-called “rotary” designs or “roundabouts.”

Nub profile cuts
Using nub profile cutting machines, certain surface structures can be created based on the customer’s specified relationship between the nub height and foam base. The specified structure, provided by the roll surface, is maintained on both manufactured parts. The template should be comparable with the surface of cardboard egg packaging.

CNC copying
Using computer-controlled (CNC) cutting machines, horizontal and vertical 2D cuts can be made. Digitalized drawings can be directly read into the CNC machine. These 100% electronically-controlled machines guarantee an exact cut and optimal material usage. Rotary tables enable particular 3D shapes to be cut.

Bevel cuts
Bevel cutting machines are used to produce wedge-shaped cuts. Using milling machines, any edges can be rounded to a preferred radius.

Water jet cutting
Water jet cutting use water to cut materials like foam, insulation, rubber, sealing compound, paper, foils and many more can be cut with a very high driving speed.

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