Processing technologies

PUR coating
Polyurethane base material is mixed with a component based on organic acetone and color pigments and is then sprayed in liquid form onto the surface of the ready-made foam objects. It is possible to select from a large RAL color range. The mixing technology used facilitates 99,9% color fastness.

SA coating
SA stands for “self-adhesive.” The selected area of the foam piece is stuck with adhesive and protected by a film. After removing this film, the film can then be processed further if so desired. Our foams can be supplied for you with both one-sided and double-sided adhesive coating.

Thermal warping
PUR or recycling materials can be optimally processed using special stamping tools. The outcome is dense, splash-proof thermo parts, which can be used under the most arduous conditions – for example, for agricultural machinery, public transport vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction machines, motorcycles or compressors.

This technology is used primarily for mattress cores. In addition to foam core production, we also offer core slip covers. For sheathing the core we use a polyamide fabric that is sealed at the narrow sides of the mattress. The core slip cover makes it easy to sheathe the mattress cover.

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