Special cutting technology

Contour cuts
This production method simultaneously combines the advantages of attractively packaged goods with optimum transport protection. Particularly fragile areas of the packaged goods are given extra clearance or cushioning for additional protection. As a result of the low tool costs, this form of processing is also suitable for small and medium-sized production runs.

Especially polyether foams can be efficiently processed using modern milling technology. The computer-controlled milling machines facilitate flexible shaping for both the manufacturing of prototypes and series production.

Plot cutting
In particular, sample and small series, as well as prototypes, can be produced here without prior tool manufacturing. Design alterations are therefore possible at all times. The system guarantees a flexible approach to customer requirements.

SMT - surface modification technology
This cutting technology, exclusively developed by us for surface processing, opens up unprecedented possibilities for shaping, e.g. for unique mattress core design.

The most modern punching technologies enable us to carry out both small and large-scale series production in an automated and cost-effective way. Punching tools manufactured by laser cutting technology guarantee the highest standards of quality and precision at all stages of the punching process.

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